Drone Operations | Bridge Survey | River Meon

Sun Hill were tasked to survey a motorway bridge on the M27 crossing the Meon River in Hampshire. Traditional surveying methods required lane closures of the above motorway, an underbridge access unit and for surveyors to work at height. This would have increased the risk to surveyors and disruption to the road users.

Alternatively by surveying with drones all areas of the bridge were quickly and safely accessed without any need for traffic management. This reduced risk for the surveyors and saved considerable time and costs.

Several drones with different camera angles were deployed to ensure complete data capture of the structure. Images were taken of the sloped embankment, ceiling, walls, pillars, bearings and parapets. All images were captured in RAW format to enable post processing and enhancement.

The health & safety of the survey was managed by the drone team in accordance with CAA regulation.

The inspection images were uploaded to a dedicated website to allow users to locate and analyse the images from the safety of an office environment. All images can also be downloaded for offline viewing and local storage.