Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping with the industry leading Leica Pegasus:Two, Sun Hill records 3D point clouds and calibrated 360° imagery to survey grade accuracy while travelling at road speed.

Mobile mapping provides a number of unique benefits for both the client and surveyor.

Surveying from a road speed vehicle eliminates the need for traffic management and therefore allows the project to be completed more quickly with reduced costs.

Health & safety is also improved through the use of mobile mapping, as it removes the need to physically work on the carriageway.

Using mobile mapping we can deliver a range of products:

  • 3D Topographical surveys extracted from the point cloud.
  • GIS Shapefiles containing attributed data for asset management.
  • Colourised Point Cloud, providing a whole new level in product detail.

Mobile Mapping Case Study

Highways England Area 3 – 119 Surveys

Mobile Mapping